Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in:


Qualification number 601/7964/8
Guided learning Hrs TBC
Total qualification time 36

The Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training aims to provide learners with the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to plan, deliver assess and evaluate education in a specialist area.

Entry requirements

  • Level 2 English
  • Level 2 Maths
  • Level 2 ICT
Note: All individuals should undertake an initial assessment of skills in English, Maths and ICT. They should record their development need and, where applicable, agree on an action plan to address them. Individuals who have previously undertaken an initial assessment should produce a record of their development needs and any previous action taken to address them, which should be reviewed and updated as required.

How is the course assessed?

To be awarded the Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, a learner must achieve a minimum of 36 credits. Twenty one credits from Group A and fifteen credits from Group B. At least twenty one credits must be at Level 4.