Work Based Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is framework of high quality work based training and education lasting a minimum of 12 months, and is designed to help individuals develop the skills they need to develop and progress their careers, and employers obtain the training required to ensure that their staff have the ability to carry out their jobs to the highest possible standard.

All apprenticeships include a competence based qualification, a technical knowledge qualification or industry award, and functional skills in maths or english for those that need it. To be eligible for an apprenticeship you must be above the compulsory school leaving age, be employed for an average of 30hrs per week within a role that meets the criteria of one of our apprenticeship programmes, not be undertaking any other form of funded training, and must not have a degree.

Full details of the apprenticeship programmes we offer are detailed in the Work Based Apprenticeship section of this prospectus. The costs associated with delivery of an apprenticeship programme are usually fully funded, but for learners over 23 some costs may apply.

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