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New Partnership

FIT UK TRAINING & EDUCATION LTD EXCITING NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH DISCOVER TRAINING   FIT UK Training and Education Ltd are excited to announce our new partnership with Discover Training. This partnership will enable us to grow as company but most of all add to our broad qualification range...

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UK active membership

FIT UK Training and Education Ltd is now a member of UK active.   UK active is the UK’s not-for-profit health body for the physical activity sector, with 3,500 + members from activity providers to major consumer brands, training facilities and equipment manufacturers. The organisation fac...

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Christmas Hangover Advice

Nutritional advice for the festive holidays   Xmas damage limitation! Party season is about to start! But are you ready for it! It usually lasts a lot longer than just the 12 days of Xmas so you need to be well armed and think 'damage limitation'! It's all about how you recover that w...

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Success Story

On wards and upward for Garcia James Garcia is moving onwards and upwards in the fitness industry after successfully completing his L2 Intermediate Apprenticeship Diploma in Health, Fitness and Exercise Instruction with FIT UK Training & Education Ltd. After successfully completing the Ap...

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