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FIT UK Training & Education Ltd 19 + Adult Learner Responsive Funding


FIT UK Training & Education Ltd is a national training provider who specialise in health and fitness qualifications. We work in partnership with two major colleges / Training organisations and deliver to over 600 hundred students each year.


Funding & Eligibility

We have spaces for Adult Learner funding for our Level 2 Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Personal Trainer Courses. Adult Learner Responsive Funding can be accessed if the learner is currently unemployed or employed.


If you relate to any of the following points, you may be entitled to course funding!

If the learner is aged 19 on or before 31/08/16 and is claiming JSA, ESA or any incapacity benefits they will be able to access a level 2 Fitness Instructing qualification, Fully Funded as long as they can provide evidence of their benefits.

If the learner is aged between19-23 and is unemployed they can access a level 3 Personal Training course fully funded.

If the learner is in full time or Part time employment and wishes to access a new course to either up skill or change career direction then they can access the two courses through the Co-Funded route whereby they must contribute towards the cost of the course. Payment methods for this can be flexible depending on the individual circumstances and FIT UK Training & Education Finance department key processes.



For Level 2 Fitness Instructing qualification the course is a 10 – 12 week programme depending on the amount of weekly contact time with FIT UK tutors.

For Level 2 Diploma in Health Fitness and Exercise instruction the course is delivered between 4-6 months depending on weekly contact time with FIT UK tutors.

For Level 3 Personal Training the course is 16-20 weeks again depending on the academic abilities of the individual and the weekly contact time with FIT UK tutors.


We are currently delivering to;

Adult Learner Responsive 19 + Level 2

Adult Learner Responsive 19-23 Level 3


If you are aged 19+ (Level 2) or 19-23 (Level 3) and have an interest in a career within the fitness industry or just want to enhance their CV for more job opportunities then this is a fantastic qualification. The qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised and are approved by YMCA Awards who are the most recognised and highly regarded awarding body within the fitness industry.

If you have any potential referrals please contact Alan Reddin Business Development Director FIT UK Training & Education Ltd on 07785 425 844 or you can check are website out to find out more details about the gym and personal training courses.